Covid-19 Information

Updated 22.3.21

We are open for business!

The patient journey and experience is very different to pre-lockdown.

It is important to bear in mind  some changes you can expect when you visit -

  •  Due to additional safety measures, we won’t be able to see as many patients each day.  We would greatly appreciate if patients can remain patient whilst trying to book in 

  • The practice front door will be closed and entrance will only be allowed to patients who have a pre-arranged appointment

  • All appointments (EXCEPT SMILE CONSULTATIONS WHICH ONLY REQUIRE A £40 DEPOSIT, EXAMINATIONS (£75) AND HYGIENE APPOINTMENTS (£70)), ARE SUBJECT TO A MINIMUM FEE OF £125, payable before a patient can attend the practice. This fee is due to restrictions of the number of patients we can see (only a quarter of that previously) and the greatly increased running costs incurred to ensure the practice is a Covid-19 safe environment for our patients and staff. 


  • Any additional costs will take the £125 payment into account. (i.e. - a £300 treatment plan would mean an upfront payment of £125, plus an additional payment of £175 after treatment is completed). These changes to our fees are essential to keep our practice viable and ensure we can continue to treat our patients. An updated pricelist has been added to the website.


  • There will be a £40 PPE charge for Denplan patients, per treatment appointment, whether they are seeing the dentist or hygienist.

  • We have increased our opening hours, now offering three late nights, so we can see as many patients as possible (whilst following government and dental industry guidelines), and to suit the needs of our patients.

  • When patients make an appointment, they will be triaged by us to ensure they have no Covid-19 symptoms firstly. If you are able to attend, we will take the payment of £125 (described above) and book your appointment. We will then ask for your email address to send you an information pack (see below) and a medical history form, which will need to be printed, completed and brought to practice when you arrive for your appointment.



  • Patient rings for an appointment / practice rings patient to book appointment

  • Practice takes patient’s details and completes telephone triage re: Covid-19

  • Payment is taken to book the appointment

  • Practice sends patient information form and medical history form via email. Alternatively patients may wish to read this information online.

  • 24 hours before, triage questions are asked again to ensure no changes since appointment was booked, and attendance procedure is explained. This is as following:

  • Patient should brush their teeth at home, use toilet and hydrate before attending

  • Patient should only bring essential items with them, and travel alone to the appointment wherever possible

  • Patient should ensure they arrive just before their appointment time, to minimise time spent at reception / in the waiting area

  • Patients will only be able to enter the practice when called by the practice when we are ready for you

  • Patient must use hand sanitiser made available at reception

  • Patients will be met by a member of staff who will check the patient’s temperature. If it is deemed too high, the appointment may be cancelled and rebooked

  • If forms have to be signed, patients should bring their own pen with them

  • Any belongings will be placed in a designated box in reception

  • Patient MUST WEAR a face mask/covering when attending. Masks are available at reception if anyone arrives without one

  • At the end of the appointment, the patient should leave the room immediately, dispose of their PPE in a clinical waste bin and sanitise their hands again before leaving

  • Patient will collect their belongings (if any) and make any additional payments on their account and book any further appointments if required, and exit the practice

We look forward to seeing you!