Sean's Composite Bonding Case

Sean came to the practice with a unique problem. When he was 18 years old he suffered a cycling accident which left him missing 6 of his upper front teeth and 8 of his lower teeth. Over the years a succession of dentists had attempted to restore his teeth with an array of partial dentures, each attempt proving ultimately unsuccessful due to the degree of jaw bone loss and persistent oral ulceration. After being told that he was not a suitable candidate for implants, his last chance was a solution involving fibre bridge work and composite resin bonding.

Stage 1 - Construction of Bridge

Initially a composite resin bonding solution was provided, which survived for an initial period of 5 years. Sean was happy with the function and aesthetics and more importantly for him he was pain free from the first time in years.



Stage 2 - Cosmetic Restoration after 10 years   

After an initial period of 5 years Sean requested a cosmetic upgrade. The bridgework and adjacent teeth were refinished and laminated with a tooth whitening shade resin. Additionally, pink composite resin was added to replace and replicate the missing gum line. 



Full process pictures and conclusion  of cosmetic restoration    

As you can see Sean is thrilled with the results. This treatment option has now survived longer that more traditional treatments are expected to last. What is more impressive is that the results have been achieved without the need for any tooth structure removal whatsoever. This is the most important factor as far Sean is concerned. Most importantly he has also been reassured that the long term health of his remaining dentition is secured.

After Stage 1   

After Stage 2   



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